Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day!

Today is going to be A Great Day!

How do I know?

Because any day that we get to spend time messing around in our kayaks is a good day!

Once I leave hardly working... um... I mean work (I love my job btw!), we will be headed off to roll practice where we can test out the new modifications that we have done to our kayaks in the safety and comfort of a warm, clean pool.

Here is my baby!  (above)

We removed all of the metal brackets and braces from the old and long gone seating system.  We bought a new seat, the Necky Touring Seat.  So far so good.  It is very comfortable!  In the bucket of scrap foam we found two hip pads that we glued in and after purchasing some more 3 inch foam, Scott lovingly handcrafted this seat back for me. No more flippin' seat band for me! This is so comfy and I can lay flat on my back deck without pinching or having to readjust anything.  The sandpaper tape is gone, and the thigh braces and foot pegs have been readjusted too.  I think she is good to go.  I can't wait to roll her tonight!

Here is Scott's other Girl

Since he was still having an issue with twisting in the cockpit while learning to roll, we added 3 inch foam to the front to hold him in better.  He also had problems with his butt sliding under the seat band so we took that out.  In place of the seat band he crafted himself a seatback out of the foam we had.  Luckily, the Skwoosh seat we bought for me a couple of weeks ago fits perfectly in his cockpit and it feels really good to him.  I am so glad that it didn't go to waste and the money wasn't spent for nothing. Now he is comfortably snug in his cockpit, enough to not twist but not too much as to keep him from completing a wet exit when needed. 

Now to get the roll on!


  1. something that has always irked me is that whitewater paddlers have all sorts of options for things to help you have a nice tight fit with your kayak.

    but us touring kayakers get nothing....

    doesn't seem fair.


  2. It isn't fair! That seat looks great. Thank you for sharing!