Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Parents are Certifiable

Well, only if you consider an extreme obsession to kayaking a mental illness. 

Over the past year and a half my parents have taught us everything that we know about kayaking.  They taught us how to wet exit and how to self and t-rescue.  We moved on to bracing, edging, and forward stroke.  They taught me how to roll.  Then once we got the basics down they took us on trips where they taught us about eddy lines, currents, wind, waves, and being prepared. 

This time last year we were preparing for our second trip to the ocean (on the first trip,  three months earlier, we only got on the ocean once and in very mild conditions).  We were not yet members of the Sacramento Sea Kayakers but had begun going to meetings and joining them on trips, and this trip was their annual Mendocino Campout. 

The group consists of three types of paddlers. Those that stick to the calm flat rivers, those who explore the oceans tunnels and caves, and those who love to explore the rock gardens.  My parents fall in the later two.

Being so green to kayaking, the group expected us to stick to the rivers, but that wasn't what we did.  Every morning we got up early and joined my parents on trips thru caves and tunnels, we were introduced to the washing machine, rode eight foot swells, played in small waves, enjoyed lunch on beautiful secret beaches and even tried a teeny tiny pourover. 

The club was so impressed that at the Christmas Dinner awards ceremony we were awarded with this...

Best Novice Couple Award

Now my parents have gone and got themselves certified!  I can't imagine two better kayak instructors and I am very proud of them for all that they have accomplished.  They have given up many fun and exciting exploration paddles this year in favor of long boring practice sessions on the local lake, and all of their hard work and determination has finally paid off for them.  I just hope they don't start charging us for lessons now...

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