Thursday, May 27, 2010


Welcome to our 2 Krazy Kayakers blog! 

My boyfriend and I have only been kayaking for about two years now, but in that time we have become obsessed with it.  We started out borrowing my parents sit on tops to take out on Lake Natoma where the water is flat and smooth.  At that time we would also have to borrow their car as we had no rack to transport kayaks on ours.  We would spend many weekends at the lake while my parents were off on more adventurous journeys of their own.  It didn't take long for us to grow bored and begin to aspire to more.   

Last year for the Fourth of July weekend, we tagged along with my parents and a few others from their kayaking club on a trip to Mendocino to try some ocean kayaking.  We took our borrowed sit on tops and thanks to an early birthday present from mom and dad we were able to transport them ourselves with our shiny new kayak rack!  We were beginning to look like real kayakers!

We spent a day going out of Van Damme, exploring the sea caves and rock gardens.  We trudged through the kelp and admired the tiny jelly fish, there were hundreds of them out there!  It was awesome and we were hooked!  The next day the group went on a more advanced trip and being new to kayaking we were left behind.  Although we did have a great day exploring the Albion river and the floating houses, we didn't like the feeling of being enept and vowed not to be left behind again. 

After we returned home we got on the water as much as possible, spending one sometimes two days of each weekend kayaking.  My parents were going to sell some of their lesser used boats to make room for new ones and we were told to choose the ones we wanted to use so that they wouldn't be sold.  We would spend the next couple of weekends demoing kayaks from my parents inventory.  My boyfriend chose a 14ft Nifty 430 and I eventually chose a 16ft Necky Elaho.  I was terrified of using a kayak with a sprayskirt and am still surprised that it was my boyfriend who was the one to convince me to try it.

This picture was taken later that same July at a kayak club picnic, the same club that we would eventually become members of.  Believe it or not, we are heading off to practice rescues (assisted t-rescue, paddle float self rescue, and the cowboy self rescue).  In less than a month we had graduated from sit on tops to sit insides and being able to perform rescues!  We were starting to become real kayakers!

Tomorrow we are headed back to Mendocino for our third time and hope that our advancements continue.  I am really hoping to learn to surf off the mouth of Big River and am excited to give it a try!

~Krazy Kayaker 1
(We couldn't decide who would be Krazy Kayaker 1 & 2.  Age before beauty? Ladies first? So since I was the first one to post I will take #1.  Ha Ha!)