Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shark Attack on Clear Lake

With all of the kayaking related shark attacks making headlines recently we thought that we would share our own shark attack experience with all of you.  Which thankfully, we both survived no worse for wear to ourselves or to our kayaks.  For that we are very grateful!

The attack took place on one cool, fall evening in late October on Clear Lake in California.  They always say that early evening is feeding time and that is when most shark attacks occur, but we were too focused on going on our first night paddle, hanging out with friends and paddling to dinner at a great local restaurant.  We didn't give any thought to sharks let alone heed any of the warnings. 

We were paddling along silently, save for the water splashing from our paddles, dreamily gazing at the moon, when I heard something behind me.  I looked over my shoulder and caught sight of a giant grey fin!  I knew immediately that it was a great white shark!  I shrieked something unintelligable to the others who had no idea what was going on.  I started paddling faster than I have ever paddled before.  I could have won races with the speed at which I was paddling, I could have circumnavigated continents, but it was of no use.  The shark was too fast!  It was gaining on me with incredible speed.  I could see the gleam of it's teeth in my peripheral vision.  Judging it's size, I would say that the shark was an enormous 5 1/2 feet.  I know that might not seem that big to most of you, but I'm telling you that this shark was a HUGE unrelenting monster...

and boy could it paddle a kayak and FAST!

This shark was sure to take it's time savoring the flavor of my legs.
I miss those water shoes!

Halloween Night 2009
Night Paddle/Dinner with Sacramento Sea Kayakers Paddle Club

BTW: I DO NOT recommend paddling with legs hanging from your neck as they tend to swing and sway knocking into the paddle shaft which in turn throws off your stroke.  

For those of you concerned with safety, as we always are, my PFD was on under the sweatshirt as was a dry wicking shirt, the gray pants I wore were dry pants made by Kokatat and we carried extra clothes and a paddle jacket in a dry bag in our hatch (which I wisely wore in lieu of the sweatshirt on the return trip).  But really, what could possibly go wrong when you have Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and Tigger & Poo there to save you!  (I can't vouch for the one in the middle)

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