Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's an Abusive Relationship

I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I am in an abusive relationship. It is a disheartening revelation as we share so much in common and I really am in love. Alas, I have finally come to terms with the situation and have figured out what I am going to do about it. No, I am not going to end the relationship!
Are you crazy? I am going to change her!

I do realize that I could work on myself, but changing her is much faster and easier than losing 30 or so pounds, so for now it's her that's gotta change. I have already started by taking out those horrid metal bars that went down each side and under the seat, squeezing the life out of my hips and thighs. We have added foam for the hips but are still working on shaping the foam to make it just right. We have replaced the hot seat with a Skwoosh Classic Kayak Seat Pad Cushion but I'm still not sure if this is the "one" for me. So far only one leg is hurting and going numb now as opposed to both, but my butt still hurts. 

It is really hard to enjoy a fabulous day out on the water when you are uncomfortable and in pain. It always starts about 10 minutes into a paddle and wont let up. I often take my thighs out of the thigh braces and balance my knees between the braces, but I can only do that on calm waters. It's no fun being in rough water and needed to keep your legs in the braces when you don't feel like you could brace anyway due to no feeling in your legs. The thigh braces that I have now are metal with thin foam glued to them. I am thinking of replacing them with more comfortable braces but am not sure if there is enough room yet. I already have my eye on a beautiful pair of soft squishy lovliness.

My seat back is constantly flipping over and while it is just irritating when getting back in my kayak, I am thinking of replacing it with outfitting foam shaped for comfort.

I am also stumped as to exactly where my foot pegs should be. Right now I have them so that I can extend my legs straight but my feet don't reach so well when I am bracing. Should I have them positioned more to constantly be in the brace position?

Oh, and you see that black tape on either side behind the cockpit? That's gotta go! My dad put it there when it was his boat because he liked to rest his hands in that spot and it kept them from slipping. The tape's surface is the consistancy of sandpaper. Think about doing the cowboy rescue with shorts on!  OUCH!

If anyone has any recommendations, opinions or ideas on outfitting, thigh braces, seats and foot peg positions
please Please PLEASE share!!!  : D

 I am dying to be in love with my kayak again
and to LOVE to be out in my kayak for hours on end!

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  1. In a kayak I used to have, there was a seat I didn't like. It felt like my centre of balance was too high in this seat. My partner removed it entirely, by undoing the screws holding it to the upper deck. That got rid of those metal bars that go down and under the seat.
    We bought a Necky foam seat and he glued the velcro directly to the inside of the lower hull. The seat could be pulled off the velcro, but we did that as little as possible so the glue would be less likely to fail.
    As for setting the foot pegs, good luck! I am probably much shorter than you, and I have a rudder on my kayak. I set the foot pegs where I'm comfortable when bracing my thighs in the good, snug braces on my Necky Eliza. That way, I can straighten one or the other leg to put the rudder to use for a turn. The difference between "braced" and "extended" is only half as long as my foot is, or less. As I said, I'm short. Your experience may vary.

  2. Thanks Paula! I just ordered the Necky Touring seat after testing my moms. We do the same thing with our seats. Makes cleaning and switching a lot easier too. We also took off the back seat band and molded a seat out of 3in outfitting foam. That allowed me to sit back further and gave me more room. I think I am getting there. My left leg is the only one I am having trouble with now. I found that the padding underneath was coming undone and folding over so I am going to reglue that and there are screws sticking out under that foam that I think might be putting pressure on my thigh. I hope once those are taken care of it will be good. I am still tight in there though.