Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spreading Our Addiction

Over the Fourth of July holiday we had the chance to go back to KK2's hometown of Ithaca, New York to visit family and friends.  While we were there we decided it would be fun to spread our addiction onto his family, and his sister and her boyfriend were more than willing participants.

We headed out the main inlet to Cayuga Lake and then into Stewart Park and the inlet leading to Ithaca Falls.  Along the way we saw lots of wildlife..

The water was really shallow and rocky and the current was running from the falls.  I managed to pull myself along by grabbing onto rocks and pulling myself forward.  At times I would get stuck on a rock and when I would finally free myself the current would push me back making me lose all the ground I had gained, but with a bit of determination, I finally made it up to the falls.

We explored more of the inlets on the way back.  It was fun to see the town of Ithaca from the waterline and a first for KK2 after 40 years of living there.

Thanks to the guys at Puddle Docker's for making such a memorable trip possible!  We have two more kayakers in the family.  They did 7 miles with us their first time out.  I am eagerly awaiting another trip with them.  Now it's their turn to come out to California and get on the ocean in some real kayaks!  :D

I think she's hooked.  Mission accomplished!

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