Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New State-Of-The-Art Kayak Launch

I came across this article about Windsor Castle Park in Virginia.  After major renovations, one of it's cool new features is a state-of-the-art kayak ramp.  The ramp is V shaped, has rollers on the bottom and sides, and handrails so that you can launch your kayak from the top of the ramp and gently roll right into the water without ever getting wet. 

This new ramp will be great for disabled kayakers who have trouble getting down ramps or with launching from uneven shores.  I am not sure how getting back up it works?  It seems it might be a bit tougher, but with handrails, maybe you are able to pull yourself up?  That shouldn't be too hard what with all the arm strength we have acquired from paddling.  :D

I couldn't help but to look at this ramp and think of how fun it might be to ride down.  I would add some more ups and downs, some twists, and maybe even a loopdy-loop...  Ok, maybe I just need to get back to the ocean or take up whitewater.  LOL

In all seriousness, I think this ramp is very cool and will help to make kayaking more accessable to all and for the sometimes lazy paddler (I'm only very rarely lazy :P), just easier and more enjoyable.  I hope to see more of them in the future!


  1. I think thats a excellent idea. I'm surprised larger kayak shops havent approached cities etc to have one built. Free avertising and business for them and access for disabled people.Win win.

    .....and I would have to give it a try!lol

  2. I agree. I am really surprised that there aren't more of them out there. Now to get one that goes across a long beach into the water... LOL

    I can't wait to come across one and give it a try! LOL

  3. Sound and forward thinking on someone's part - bravo! Making this self-propelled sport accessible to more folks spreads the joy. And that's a good thing! Thanks for sharing. Duncan.

  4. This idea can change the concept "participation" for disabled !!
    Thanks for shering!!!

  5. To bad the good people of Citrus County, Florida were not aware of this when a concrete monstrosity was built on the Chassahowitzka River.
    May I add your post to the above thread?

  6. Dave,

    I would be happy for you to share it! I hope more people find out about this type of ramp and we see more of them all over.

    I looked at that thread and I am blown away. That is the most rediculous ramp I have ever seen! I'm speachless and I can't even begin to understand what they were even thinking when they came up with, approved and built this.